Guidelines for Watching a Webcast in a Group

If you are organizing a group-viewing of a webcast, we recommend:

  1. Identify A/V person or room coordinator(s) who will be responsible for set up.
  2. Obtain the following equipment: two computers, network connection cables, projection system, and audio amplification system (external speakers).
  3. Read the remaining items below, then test your set up and connectivity well before the live webcast. Although you won't be able to launch a webcast before it's scheduled broadcast time, you should still test network connectivity in the conference room you plan to use to ensure that it is sufficient for receiving the video stream. Try watching one of our archived webcasts or our webcast test.
  4. Project the video so that it is most easily seen by your audience:

    1. Attach the first computer to a projection system or large monitor.
    2. Launch the webcast and select an option that includes video, if available (look for the camera icon next to the option during the launch process).
    3. Complete the group survey form that appears when launching the webcast window:
      • Enter how many are watching in this group
      • Enter the participant names and click Submit
    4. Click the SLIDE SIZE button (to the left of the video image) to increase the video size . Since this will cover the slides, plan to download a copy of the slides about an hour before the event, print them, and hand them out to your audience.
    5. Set the screen resolution of the computer to 800x600 to maximize the size of the video as it is projected.
  5. Amplify the audio using a speaker system attached to the main computer. When doing your test, stand in the back of the room and confirm that you can still hear the audio.
  6. Set up question submission system:

    1. Launch the webcast from the second computer, but stop the video playback by clicking the square stop button at the top of the webcast interface. This will minimize congestion on your local network. Then, use this computer for sending in questions by clicking the Question button on the left-side of the interface.
    2. Hand out 3x5 note cards to be used for writing questions during the webcast. Cards can then be passed to a designated person who will submit the questions from the second computer.
  7. Hand out printed copies of the slides. Look for the Download Slides option in the right-hand navigation on the overview page for this program. The slides are usually made available for download about an hour before the program.
  8. Review the requirements for obtaining CPE credit when watching in a group in our CPE FAQ.

Scheduled for:
Monday, November 12, 2012
6:00 am Eastern time

n/a your local time)

Mon 12 Nov 2012 11:00:00 AM GMT

Duration: 5 minutes

Note: the webcast technology is not compatible with the browser you are using. Use Internet Explorer or Firefox.

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