Click the ITEM that best describes the problem you're having:

Audio or video is not playing

Try each step below until you find one that works:

  1. Connect to the network using a wired connection. Wireless may not work well.
  2. Click the Options button and choose a different item from the connection options list.
  3. Your network may not permit streaming media. Many corporate networks have this policy. If you suspect this is the case, click the Options button and choose Listen via telephone (if available), or try watching this webcast from a different Internet connecction.

The video is jumpy or stopping and starting.

You may be experiencing heavy network traffic. If it is buffering, it is usually better to wait until it starts playing again. Conversely, if you refresh the page, you're more likely to miss part of the presentation. Other items to try if buffering continues:

  • Close other applications that may be using the network (email, other browser windows, etc.).
  • Connect to the network with a wired connection (do not use wireless)
  • Click the Options button and try another connection option.

I need help adjusting the volume.

Try each step until the audio is loud and clear:

  1. Double-click the icon, in the lower-right corner of your screen, and slide both the "Volume Control" and "Wave" volumes up:
  2. Try listening with headphones or external speakers.
  3. If you're listening to this webcast near other people that are also listening to it, we highly recommend using headphones. The audio will not be in sync between different computers and you may find that disruptive.

I'm prompted for a password.

This media content is not password-protected. Therefore, the prompt you're getting is probably for your "firewall" or "proxy" username and password.

I am getting audio, but no video.

If you work for E&Y, and you're accessing this webcast from an E&Y office, the media may only be available as audio. Otherwise, click the Options button and select a different item from the list.

Is there a dial-up number to this webcast?
How will I hear the sound?

The sound comes over the Internet into your computer. Therefore, you will need a sound card and speakers or headphones attached to your computer to listen to the webcast. If a teleconference option is available, it will be listed when clicking the Options button.

My network cannot access streaming media.
Is there an alternative?

Many corporations restrict access to streaming media on their internal networks to prevent network congestion from the high-bandwidth requirements of streaming video and audio. If you know or suspect that your network is configured this way, try viewing this webcast from your home Internet account.

I only see a Windows Media or Real Player logo.

For technology assistance, during the live webcast call 1-866-639-4368 and reference webcasts.


Scheduled for:
Monday, November 12, 2012
6:00 am Eastern time

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Mon 12 Nov 2012 11:00:00 AM GMT

Duration: 5 minutes

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